Respecting High Heels

Women are enormous fans of the fashion industry. Putting together a costume is just simple fun. With accessories, such as scarves, jewelry, hand bags, hats and shoes, one garment can be made into several outfits that are satisfied to day wear, evening wear or a day at the shore. One of our favourite accessories are shoes. The amount and variety of shoe designs in your closet can make a wardrobe that is lean rich in trend possibilities. In particular, high heels are treasured. Although men see high heel shoes quite eye-catching, their high heels are also loved by girls for purely selfish motives.

Most girls enjoy the fact that high heel shoes make them appear taller, more slender and highlight a calf that is curvy. Whereas the very same apparel takes on a vampy appearance when worn with high heels an absolutely cute clothing can appear dowdy, worn with flats. If you are going to the beach, a casual sandal with roping on a platform foundation and ribbon ties winding up the leg is the high heel shoe to wear with a summery dress. A pair of sneakers or flip flop sandals just does not make the head-turning fashion statement.

Most guys do believe that girls purchase high heel shoes to please them. This is accurate, up to a point. It is also true that women wear high heels to flaunt their legs as well as their costume when other women peek at them to see if they seem as good. Women compete with other girls for the attention of the men.

Spikes are the epitome of high heel shoes. Girls and men love spikes do wear these merely to please their man. It's amazing that women will willingly bear the pain brought on by wearing them. Spikes are part of what keeps podiatrists in company, squishing the ball of the foot into an anatomical nightmare position. Worn often over a period of years, these good lookers can send you to operation to correct the damage!

We all need to seem great, so what is a girl to do? High heels are an important accessory in our cupboards. Remember Imelda Marcos? She'd over six hundred pairs.

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